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Seamless Integration

During the set-up phase, we will work with you to build-out your online store which can link from your existing website with no problem. Our ecommerce can integrate with any existing website, regardless of where the site resides. Once the store is complete, we provide you with a custom link to connect your navigation with the new online store.


it is imperative to provide a seamless and efficient mobile experience for the success of your online sales. With Xüdle e-commerce, we extend the online shopping experience with a responsive store – allowing your guests the ability to make purchases and manage their membership account with ease from their mobile device.

Customer Management

Build and maintain valuable new and existing relationships with your customers by having a better understanding of their needs and behaviors. Gain insight into your customers' purchase and club history making it easy to personalize every customer experience.

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Restrictions and Limits

Rest assured you will never be allowed to sell more wine than a state allows. With the Xüdle admin controls you can set and change state regulations with the click of a button.

Shipping Tools

Xüdle is outfitted with all the tools needed to charge shipping fees and fulfill and track orders. We can accept rates from any shipping carrier and have to ability to export your data to a 3rd party fulfillment warehouse if you outsource your shipping fulfillment.

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